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Web Slams Girl Neglecting to Meet Boyfriend’s Roommate: ‘She Can Leave’

a now-viral blog post
, a Zealand guy said their roommate’s sweetheart “refuses” in order to meet him because he “gives off unusual vibes.”

Sharing in
‘s “Mildly Infuriating” discussion board within the username u/SlapChopTheGreat, the person said his roommate’s sweetheart arrives over “almost every day,” nevertheless they have not said significantly more than “hello” to each other. The post provides garnered over 56,800 upvotes and a large number of remarks slamming the girlfriend’s “rude” behavior.

In his blog post, u/SlapChopTheGreat attached a screenshot of a current book dialogue together with roomie. Per the screenshot, u/SlapChopTheGreat asked their roommate if the guy could smoke cigarettes with him along with his girl, Liz, that their roommate stated: “Nah, Liz doesn’t feel at ease conference you.”

When u/SlapChopTheGreat asked why that’s, his roomie responded: “provide this lady weird vibes. I really don’t should make the lady feel unwanted.”

Right here, an inventory image of one and lady standing back-to-back. In a now-viral post, men said his roommate’s girl “refuses” to fulfill him because he “gives off odd vibes.”


Redditor u/SlapChopTheGreat informed his roomie that Liz’s refusal to meet him produced him “uncomfortable,” but their roommate defended Liz.

“She doesn’t have to satisfy you if she doesn’t want [to],” the guy mentioned.

Roommate Etiquette

When reaching someone’s roomie, existence coach Nina Rubin mentioned folks should remain “polite and cordial,” regardless of if there’s stress.

“possibly your spouse additionally the roomie are extremely close. And/or your spouse doesn’t maintain all of them either, but it is a workable situation for them,”
Rubin informed Elite Regular
. “It’s best to end up being polite and cordial. Any time you sleep over usually, make sure you clean up your messes and straighten within the places which happen to be getting used by every body.”

Pricilla Martinez, a life mentor, also recommended individuals “switch right up” where they stay to “avoid way too many straight nights at one spot” also to receive their particular partner’s roommate to hold in usual locations so they “won’t feel therefore exiled from their liveable space.”

“Even though you tend to be your partner’s visitor during their property, you have to recall their particular roommate is deserving of [to feel] comfy into the space nicely,” Elite regular stated.

Redditors Respond

Numerous Redditors known as Liz “rude” and contended that she and her date should spend more time at her location if she doesn’t want to talk to u/SlapChopTheGreat.

“[It’s] only absolutely rude and disrespectful to decline to satisfy some body in their own personal residence and spend enough time indeed there [to] make the individual dwelling indeed there uncomfortable,” u/galaxyveined mentioned. “[Liz] is more than introducing maybe not appear more than.”

“possibly your own roommate should hang [out] at his girl’s spot next. Perhaps not cool off is generated the outsider in the home,” u/Bid-Routine commented.

“If she seems uneasy close to you after that she can stay-at-home and not appear more than,” u/ADogsWorstFart wrote.

Redditor u/Justin002865 included: “your house. Perform what you want. She will leave.”

attained out to u/SlapChopTheGreat for remark.

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